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Username is the Username you selected in the form when you ordered a test.

Password is the password that was sent to your email.
If you dont remember your password or username, you can use this link and we will send them to your e-mail :
forgot your password?

If there is a technical error while you are taking the test (system crash, power failure etc), then you can log in again with the same username and password, from the Colourenergy's's info page. If you complete the test your user account will be disabled. This is because you only order 1 test at a time.
Remember to print out your test result. If you dont have a printer you can use this method to save your result:
1. Press "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.
2. Start your text-editor program (Word) and use "paste".
3. Save this file.
You can then review this result any time you like, by opening the file in your text-editor.