RED, ORANGE and YELLOW are the "warm" colours that give physical and mental energy. These colours are best used as morning baths, because they are refreshing and stimulating colours.

When you need courage and joy in life and feel drained of physical energy.
To bring out laughter and joy and to increase your sensuality and your presence.
When you need to stimulate your intellect, your memory and concentration.
This is the colour energy for schools and learning.

  GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET are "cold", relaxing and calming colours.
These colours are good to bathe in before bedtime.

This is a balancing colour that brings harmony, both physically and mentally, you can bathe in both day or night.
Mentally and nerve-relaxing bath that stimulates all forms of communication.
Strengthens your intuition and dreams so that your sub-consciousness can blend with your consciousness.
Stimulates spiritual creativity and gives inspiration to all creative work.

Do you want to know more about what each colour bath gives you of energy? We have nine different baths that you can find at our retailers. Try them and feel the difference.